In days of comics past, characters from other media have always been treated as somehow less important.  To many fans, King Tut was never a REAL bat-villain, while movie General Zod’s henchmen, Non and the girl from that one Human League video weren’t really part of Zod’s story.   In recent years, though, translating characters from other media into comic form (known to us trope nerds as the ‘Canon Immigrant’) is commonplace and used to transition fans of cartoon and movie heroes to their stories’ source material.  I have to admit that the idea of Melinda May or Harrison Wells in comic form is appealing to me as a fan of their respective shows, leading to today’s adaptational query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is thrilled that CW/DC used The Music Meister, and only a little bummed that they didn’t hire NPH to do it, asking: What non-comics character would you most like to see make their way into comics as a canon immigrant?


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  1. Hmm, non-comic into comic? That’s a bit harder as vice versa. First I though of movie Deadpool Domino, but I have nothing against original. Was Darkwing Duck ever really in comics Duckburg?

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