Robyn Hood has been trying to clear her name for weeks but the cops have tracked her down! And not only have they found her, they brought robots to help with the arrest. Find out what she does in Robyn Hood: Vigilante #2 by Zenescope Entertainment!


Writer: Ben Meares
Artist: Babisu Kourtis
Colorist: Juan Manuel Rodriguez
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Editor: Kellie Supplee
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 11th, 2019

Previously in Robyn Hood: Robyn has been wrongfully accused of attempting to kill Commissioner Julia Gengrich. Luckily she gets a lead to the real culprit who is a man known as “The Peacock”. Having a new target, Robyn tracks him to his base but is unable to find out who hired him. On top of that, her interrogation is interrupted when the cops find her and are using the new Vigilante Hunter Squad. This new squad are a state of the art artificial intelligence that can apprehend dangerous subjects. And Robyn is certainly dangerous.


Robyn and Peacock’s “conversation” is interrupted by the police and they strike an uneasy truce. Fighting against the robots, they come up with a loose plan. Peacock will distract while Robyn lines up a shot. However, these robots are arrow proof and the arrow ricochets right back at Robyn, injuring her. She comes up with a new plan, focusing an arrow she fires at Peacock’s leg which pins him to the ground. This activates a protocol in the robots that the target is immobilized and there is no need for violence. This opportunity allows Robyn to make an escape.

Robyn is severely injured and think about the next move. Peacock is now in custody and she is unable to continue to question him. Additionally, news teams have announced that Robyn is still at large and to call the police if she is spotted. Now with the entire city looking for her, she goes into the sewers to find solace. Bleeding out and with two broken ribs, she faints from the pain. However, a shadowy figure begins to emerge from the sewage…


I was struck by the “every man for himself” mindset in this issue. Robyn used Peacock until he lost his usefulness. We often see that mindset in villains but not in heroes. From my perspective, it made it difficult to root for Robyn. Yeah I understand that the Peacock was a bad guy who deserved to get arrested but it didn’t seem very heroic. I’m new to the series and I’m not 100% sure what Robyn’s characterization is but this turned me away from her.

However, this doesn’t mean that the writing was poor. While I disagree with the direction they took our protagonist they told the story with expertise. The way they write the inner monologue with Robyn is done well. Normally with inner voices, the conversation sometimes is not relevant or just makes the page wordy. However, they have done an expert job showing us what Robyn is thinking while still giving us good action on the page.

The art in this book is magnificent as well. The page that stuck out was Robyn, bloodied and injured, was walking slowly down an ally. Rain is falling down and you can see the exhaustion in her posture. Love the art of this series.


I want to see Robyn become more heroic but I understand if that is not the direction the creative team takes. The series is good and if you want a bow and arrow story that isn’t from the Big 2, then I recommend this book. 4 out of 5 stars for Robyn Hood: Vigilante #2 by Zenescope Entertainment. 

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Robyn Hood: Vigilante #2


While I disagree with the direction they took our protagonist they told the story with expertise. The way they write the inner monologue with Robyn is done well.

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