He’s the King of the Seas and he just doesn’t get the respect he deserves. That’s about to change, friends… Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Aquamans!

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Ten Aquamans

Known in my household as “how Mom got interested in the DCEU”, Arthur Curry is the son of a human and an Atlantean, who is something of an urban legend in various secluded ports and fishing villages. Recruited by Bruce Wayne for the Justice League as part of a plan to resurrect Superman, he was later involved in a plot by his younger brother to steal the throne of Atlantis.

Make fun of his gold-scaled armor now. I dare you…


Once the Teen Titan known as Aqualad, Garth of Atlantis served for years as partner and sidekick to Aquaman before taking on the role himself. In the alternate reality of Earth-22 (aka Kingdom Come), he is part of Superman’s reformed Justice League, while his mentor serves as the ruler of Atlantis (and looks like his mythological/quasi-historica namesake, King Arthur.) He is one of the unfortunates who died when the United Nations bombed Superman’s villain-gulag in the devastated wastelands of Kansas.


Earth-32 is a strange place in the multiverse, with a lot of familiar faces and costumes to be found… but only half as many. After young Bruce Wayne discovered a crashed spacecraft on the ground of Wayne Manor, he was gifted with a ring by a dying Abin-Sur. On Mars, Kryptonians and Martians lived side-by-side, and eventually a team of heroes called The Justice Titans was formed to fight evil. Little is known of their corner of the multiverse, but I’m betting his name is Arthur Allen, ’cause Barry Curry just doesn’t flow off the tongue.


Marine biologist Ramon Raymond was exposed to a strange, glowing substance while in the ocean, giving him to power to transform into, as well as control, water itself. Clashing with the villainous Reverend Darrk, he eventually teamed up with other heroes of Earth-Six as the Justice League of America. he has appeared a time or two in crowd scenes, but like most of the ‘Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating…’ heroes, he hasn’t gotten a lot of appearances since that series ended.


After the original Aquaman was destroyed/possessed/atomized in a battle with Old Gods, Arthur Joseph Curry suddenly appeared. Under the guidance of The Dweller in the Depths, A.J.C. takes on the legacy of Aquaman, in accordance with the Dweller’s prophecies. He eventually abandoned the role when he got tired of being treated as nothing more than a resurrected Orin/Aquaman. He is eventually revealed to be Aquaman’s father’s grand-nephew, transformed to save his life, but hasn’t been seen (to my knowledge) since the Infinite Crisis.


Another mash-up/remix hero and member of the Justice Titans (but NOT the same Justice Titans as Aquaflash), Victor Curry and his friends Night Lantern, Star Canary, Hawkbeast and Donna Wonder tried to take Superman and Batman into custody during a particularly tough trip around the multiverse.  I love his armor, with the aquakinetic fists.

By the way, their Flash is an amalgam of Barry Allen and Wally West, called… The Flash. #Genius


In the world of Smallville, which doesn’t yet have an Earth designation (though the TV crossover coming a few weeks from now will likely fix all that), Arthur “A.C.” Curry is a marine biology student who got the attention of Clark Kent when he began freeing captive marine life. Later joining Green Arrow’s Justice League, he periodically swam in and out of Clark’s life before he officially became Superman.

His pilot’s not half-bad.


We’re three-for-three on combined/mash-up characters today! Quick, buy a lottery ticket! An Amalgam of Aquaman and the character who inspired him, The Sub-Mariner, Arthur McKenzie was banished from his underseas kingdom, forced to work with surface dwellers. He was once a member of the All Star Winners Squadron during WWII, and more recently a part of the JLX, fighting for a haven for all metamutants.

His weapon being an anchor just slays me, for some reason.


Known also as the Dragonson, Ahn Kwang-Jo is a descendant of ancient royalty and manifested his draconic power after being beaten for his love of western media. As a member of the Justice League of China, he uses his hydrokinetic, cryokinetic and amphibious powers, as well as the ability to summon ocean cryptids that he can control. If he loses his mystical blade (the ancient Bone Sword of King Munnmu), he transforms back to his human state.


A larger-than-life personality, he is OUTRAGEOUS in all the best ways. I firmly believe that you can tell a good person by whether or not they love ‘Batman: The Brave and The Bold’, and their treatment of Aquaman is a great reason why. Rather than taking the time to refute any “talks to fish” jokes, as the New 52 comic inexplicably did, they just made him awesome and refused to hear any different.

That, my friends, is how you do an adaptation/revival.

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