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Will Jason Todd Live or Die … Again?

The number one thing every comic fan knows about Jason Todd (Curran Walters), is that he is the Robin who died. The second thing every comic book fan knows about Jason Todd is that he was killed as a result of a fan poll which one person rigged with the use of an autodialer.

Well, DC is at it again!

Since Jason has been appearing on DC Universe’s premier original streaming show, Titans, fans can vote on the Official Website about whether Jason Todd LIVES OR DIES!?

Fans remain on the fence about whether they think this move is brilliant or evil. Personally, I’m wondering whether or not Titans knows exactly how this is going to shake out either way or whether they filmed two endings with Curran Walters.

The only thing we can safely assume is that Walters wants Jason to make it out of Titans season 2 alive.

Let us know down in the comments section whether or not you’ve voted and what end you want Jason to come to!

Pariah Makes his Crisis on Infinite Earths Debut

During last week’s Did You Hear? I wrote about Audrey Marie Anderson’s Lyla Diggle suiting up as Harbinger and this week another of her longtime Arrowverse cast members, Tom Cavanagh, suited up as Pariah.

Cavanagh typically plays various multiverse incarnations of his character from the first season of The Flash – Doctor Harrison Wells.

Pariah is very much not that. The classic comic book event Crisis on Infinite Earths turns on Pariah in many ways. He is introduced simply to hear witness to all the tragedies The Monitor and the Anti-Monitor are about to wreak on the cast of characters we love.

Of course the photo also shows several beloved Arrowverse characters all together in the same room, which never fails to be a real treat!

Crisis of Two Supermans

Also during last week’s Did You Hear? I wrote about the first photo emerging of multiple Supermans from the sets of Crisis on Infinite Earths and this week we get an even more amazing look at Brandon Routh’s Kingdom Come Superman standing with The Flash (Grant Gustin), and Supergirl’s Superman (Tyler Hoechlin):


Commenters are weighing in on who is the fastest of them all and as delightful as that never ending debate it, I don’t think enough focus has been placed on the differences in the costumes between the two Supes’ costumes. Routh’s Superman is nothing short of stunning. It grabs the eye and pulls focus from his fellow actors. Perhaps this is because it is directly lifted from Kingdom Come and comic book designs are always delightful to see rendered in real life. Perhaps it is the use of primary colours. Either way, the suit promises to steal scenes!

As a Superman fan – I can’t wait!

Black Lightning Joins The Flash

Crisis on Infinite Earths will be the first time any cast members from Black Lightning cross over onto the Arrowverse and based on Cress Williams’ Official Instagram  Jefferson Pierce is going to be prominently featured during The Flash episode:

Game recognizes game and powers recognizes powers. #grantgustin is a true pro and a great new friend #blacklightning #crisisoninfiniteearths thanks @grantgust for playing with me

31.6k Likes, 558 Comments – Cress Williams (@cress_williams) on Instagram: “Game recognizes game and powers recognizes powers. #grantgustin is a true pro and a great new…”

With Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), as an intelligent in-universe scientist and Jefferson Pierce (Williams), as an important educational figure it makes sense the two characters would form an immediate bond – as the actors seem to have done!


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