Having been on the innernets (or some variation thereof) since about 1989, I’ve seen a lot of silly things come and go: Chuck Norris; The Hampster Dance; the terrifying, probably Satanic soul-sucking void known only as ‘Doge.’  As a huge fan of the running gag and the theory that a joke keeps getting funnier when you beat it to death, I don’t mind repitition, and seeing new people jumping onto old, stale jokes often fills me with joy, like when a friend asked me last month if I’d heard about ‘Rickrolling’.  Even with that mindset, though, there comes a point where just… one… more… Tommy Wiseau reference will actually cause my brain to implode.  As with anything, it’s a question of quality, quantity and also of frequency, which leads us to today’s eye-of-the-beholder query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) realizes that all my references are half a decade or more old, that’s part of the joke, asking: What’s the MOST tired meme, running gag or recurring internet joke?


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