As an aficionado of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, the subject of endings is kind of a sore spot for me.  That show had no less than five places that it COULD have ended, only to go only about a season and a half further than it should have to get to the ending that the creators had already envisioned.  Comic books are notorious for NO ending at all, something that annoys me to no end, but I have to admit I was delighted to hear that Steven Universe would be continuing.  Maybe the movie makes for a fine ending, but it feels like there are still tales to tell in the world of the Crystal Gems, leading us to today’s appendicized query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) admits there might be some selfishness in my desire for more of Garnet and her amazing friends, asking: Which of your favorite shows, books or comics have gone on past the perfect ending (and what WAS that ending?)


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