Johnny Blaze is the King of Hell and is returning to New York to catch some stray demons. Find out what happens when he catches the other Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch in Ghost Rider #1 by Marvel Comics!


Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Aaron Kuder
Colorist: Jason Keith
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Editor: Chris Robinson
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 2nd, 2019

Previously on Ghost Writer: We have seen Cosmic Ghost Rider and Absolute Carnage Symbiote of Vengeance but now we return to the original. Johnny Blaze is the warden of hell and must protect his throne from any an usupers. Meanwhile, Danny Ketch is the guardian of Earth even if he would rather be doing anything else.


Johnny has been dealing with demons opening portals from hell to earth and has returned to earth to catch any demons that might be here. Danny Ketch is currently trying to control his Spirit of Vengeance when he is caught in the middle of a fight. Danny has been in a rut trying to run a bar, to not let the Ghost Rider spirit take over, and dealing with his failed relationship with Stacy. Danny needs to blow off steam and turns into the Ghost Rider and finds a demon nearby. During the fight, Johnny sees Danny kill the demon outright. Johnny attempts to recruit Danny to hunt down any other demons buy Danny rejects him. Danny visits his mother’s grave and hears her spirit tell him that Johnny is being consumed by hell. The last splash page shows Johnny going too far in his actions against another demon.


Even the King of Hell has to deal with people trying to backstab him. The main one is Lillith, “Mother of All Demons”, who is leading a group of female demons driving on bright red mopeds. I think back to other mythos where even Odin’s authority was always at risk. It is an interesting idea and the theme here is that Johnny Blaze is trying to keep his power and will go to full lengths to assert his authority. In other words; power corrupts. I wonder if this is true or if someone is yanking on Danny’s figurative chain to pit him against Johnny. I hope and plead that Ed Brisson has a way to keep this fresh because I have seen this type of story done before and I want something new and unique.


I love Ghost Rider thematically and this is a good first book to a new series. I enjoyed the art and the writing but it was nothing new. The themes are all in place and will be picking up the second issue to see how they handle Johnny Blaze vs Danny Ketch. 3 out of 5 for Ghost Rider #1 from Marvel Comics from me.

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Ghost Rider #1

Good Start

It is an interesting idea and the theme here is that Johnny Blaze is trying to keep his power and will go to full lengths to assert his authority. In other words; power corrupts.

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