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Birds of Prey Drops a Trailer

On the heel of The Joker trailer releasing last week the Birds of Prey trailer has leaked online:

Birds of Prey New Leak Trailer (4K ULTRA HD) NEW (2020)

BirdsofPrey #HarleyQuin #LeakTrailer

Admittedly, this is another teaser, showing us only slightly more footage than the costume tests which debuted as part of the original Birds of Prey teaser which dropped earlier this year.

Margot Robbi’s Harley Quinn does get in a great quip about being “sick of clowns” that seems to echo the feelings of several fans feelings who are finding themselves disengaged from the upcoming Joker movie.

Warner Bros. has not released this trailer to its official online channels – perhaps for fear it will bury The Joker trailer? – so the only official way to watch it is to head to cinemas to watch It: Chapter 2 this weekend … another movie with a scary clown in the lead. Considering the Birds of Prey trailer begins with a series of CGI red balloons that feel nothing short of a leftover effect from the It series, I guess is fitting.

Personally, I was hoping a glimpse of Cassandra Cain in anything like her classic Batgirl costume (I’d settle for Orphan if need be), or to see Black Mask actually looking like his comic book counterpart, but no such luck.

Per The Hollywood Reporter we know Birds of Prey is entering into some pretty heavy reshoots designed to restructure the movie entirely from its original version. John Wick’s Chad Stahelski handled the reshoots for director Cathy Yan. While reshoots aren’t always a bad thing they sometimes can be when the ideal of completely restructuring comes to mind. DCEU fans may recall a similar narrative when Suicide Squad was being made.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance First Reactions Are In

Netflix’s prequel to the classic Jim Henson property The Dark Crystal debuted last Friday and fans have already weighed in with their opinions on the 37 year later update. If you listened to our Major Spoilers Podcast bonus content this week you know most of us hadn’t seen the show all the way through, so there are very little spoilers involved in that discussion – have no fear!

Variety had this to say:

Crucially, the series acts as a prequel to the catastrophic events of the movie, which picked up on a devastated planet with the imperious, vulturesque Skeskis picking over the carcass. Over 10 episodes, “Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” introduces the world they destroyed and carefully unpacks how it became the husk of the movie. It builds out the mythology of the original “Dark Crystal,” revealing hierarchies and the truth of how the Skeksis first unraveled. As a band of determined Gelflings (the plucky underdogs of “Dark Crystal) mount a growing rebellion against Skeski rule, the show travels to verdant forests, glittering deserts, and icy castles. It flies on the backs of jaw-dropping creatures, dives into glowing caves, stages fearsome battles — and all, it must be said and underlined, with practical sets, puppets, and minimal CGI.

@darkcrystal on Twitter encouraged fans to engage and share their opinions online with a clever campaign where they gave out Skesis names in a thread:

The Dark Crystal on Twitter

@AshleyVRobinson skekLey the Mirthmaker

This article isn’t normally the place of reviews, but The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a pretty big swing for Netflix. Their success lies in traditional live action and animated options, rather than motion capture, stop motion, or traditional puppetry. The popularity and success of Age of Resistance serves to show the network what types of content their audience is interested in. The positive reception The Dark Crystal has enjoyed heralds potentially more challenging media being produced by the streaming giant in future.

With fans new and old flocking to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance I think it’s only a matter of time before a second season is greenlit and then – who knows? Fraggle Rock comes next?

Watchmen Series Scores October Release Date

On Tuesday HBO announced their Damon Lindelof-helmed (Lost, The Leftovers), Watchmen series would debut on Sunday, October 20th, 2019 in a tweet:

Watchmen on Twitter

10/20. Tick Tock. #WatchmenHBO https://t.co/RsEq8Fh3es

The clock imagery is classically associated with the Watchmen comic book series, despite this series not being a straight up adaptation of the iconic series. Not for the first time fans are questioning whether or not the clock is a hint to Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Doomsday Clock series currently being published which is a sequel to the original Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons series.

We’ll soon know the answer to: who watches The Watchmen?

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