Cosplay is a staple of the comic book convention scene and last weekend’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, California had some truly exceptional offerings. Fan participatory culture is coming more and more into the mainstream and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate them here at Major Spoilers.

Scroll through the gallery below to see some of the amazing and invented fan looks!

Lucky Stiff as Mike & Sully (@lucky.stiff & @graceduval)
Via Angle News

Victoria & Alia as California Disney Parks (@arya_snark and @crossfit_disney_princess)
Via Angle News

Joo Skellington as Shan Yu (@jooskellington & @cosplayphotog)
Via Instagram

Prince Elsa (uncredited)
Via CNet

Iridessa (@audreyleeyoung)
Via Buzzfeed

The Rocketeer (scottyincarsland)
Via Buzzfeed

Esmeralda (Marissa Ragsdale)
Via Buzzfeed

Disney Mandalorian (uncredited)
Via Gamespot

Snowba Fett (amberarden)
Via Redlands Daily Facts

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Haunted Mansion:

Haunted Mansion Sally (uncredited)
Via CNet

The Attic Bride (Rachel Kozic, @quinnzelcosplay)
Via CNet


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