Thanks to recent Kansas weather, Major Spoilers EIC Stephen is dealing with one of the collector’s worst nightmares: Water damage.  When it comes to posters and comics, flooding is second only to fire in terms of destructive capacity, and I feel really bad about the sheer amount of cleanup that will certainly be involved.  My recent move led to a couple of losses (primarily my full-length Iron Maiden ‘Somewhere In Time’ poster) that make me sad, but no lost treasures of that magnitude.  Even though a collection is only an assemblage of things, there’s always an psychological and emotional toll at having to throw out things that you worked to collect, leading to today’s water-soaked query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is extremely paranoid about comics and water, but is still a little bummed at the loss of my Led Zeppelin shirt, purchased at a record store thirty years ago, asking: Which of your lost treasures do you feel the loss of the worst?


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  1. Posted on one of the Facebook status updates that I lost almost my entire D&D, AD&D, and AD&D 2nd edition books, among other things, in a flood years back. I’ve since reconstituted most of the collection but there’s one book that I haven’t replaced. That’s the one that I miss most; the original “Deities and Demigods” printing.

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