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Ten Super Attorneys

The assistant DA of Superior City, Oregon, Rick Raleigh created his costumed identity to get those criminals whom he could not reach in his day job. With his stinger gun, two strong fists and the ability to control bees, The Red Bee is very much a hero of his times, with his 1940 debut more influenced by pulp archetypes than those new-fangled superheroes, and his presence on any “WORST HEROES EVER LOLFAIL” list is a sure sign of the ignorance of said list’s creator.

Bank on it, Faithful Spoilerites.


I’m not a big fan of the term “Mary Sue”, given it’s misuse in bad faith accidents, but Evangeline Whedon seems to fit the traditional definition of the term. A respected attorney who is also a sexy goth who is also a super-powerful dragon metamorph mutant, her first appearance revealed her as a longtime (albeit unseen and retconned) member of the X-Men supporting cast, as a mover and shaker in the Mutant Rights League.

She makes a mighty fine dragon, though…


Gotham City barrister Richard Morse was the counsel for Titan Pharmaceuticals, an conglomerate whose experiments and unethical behavior kept him quite busy. When he was sent to investigate the allegations, Richard was kidnapped and used as a guinea pig for experimental drugs which transformed him into a strange, toxic monster. (He’s somewhere between Swamp Thing and The Toxic Avenger, with the poisonous touch that such a life implies.) As Garbage Man, he set out to avenge himself not only on Titan but on his own corrupt bosses, who intentionally sent him undercover to get rid of him.


A member of the extradimensional Captain Britain Corps, Cassandra Bull hails from Earth-23238, where she IS the law, with her judgment as prosecutor, jury and executioner inspiring Dredd among the populice. Encountering Excalibur during their long journey between dimensions (the “Cross-Time Caper”), she initially seized the team and their universe-spanning train, only to be defeated by a semantic argument long enough for the team to escape.


Rocketed to Earth after a pleasure cruise gone wrong, Arnus’ DNA was altered to duplicate the first creature he encountered, a woman named Miriam. Sadly, it was 1839 on a cotton plantation, which meant that Arnus, now dubbed Augustus Freeman, was raised as the child of slaves. As he grew, he repeatedly faked his death and returned as his own son to mask his slow aging, eventually marrying and becoming a respected attorney. When Raquel Irvin broke into his home to rob him, she discovered his superhuman abilities and convinced him to done cape and mask to become the superman that the world needed.


Also known to adventure as The Purple Mask, Assistant DA Dennis Burton is best known for donning a phosphorescent comedy mask and bringing justice with twin .45 caliber pistols. Perfectly willing to kill in the line of duty, Dennis’ career was cut short when he was put in suspended animation in 1945. Awakening decades later, Burton tried to return to action, only to find his past catching up with him, as he was prosecuted for murders committed during his early years.


Best known as the emerald She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters was critically injured in an attack by Thanos, awakening to find her cousin Bruce Banner had been killed. She gave up her heroic career, but found herself plagued by uncontrollable transformations into a traumatized, childlike Gray Hulk persona. She has overcome her grief and fear, but still maintains a bulkier, low-intelligence She-Hulk state, now back in her traditional green form as a front-line member of The Avengers.


A resourceful lawyer, skilled detective and crusading district attorney, Betty Bates didn’t let being a woman slow her down in the “punching out evil” category. A member of the Quality Comics stable, Betty’s 1940 debut makes her one of the earliest female leads in comics history, and her 10-year-run in Hit Comics is still impressive today.

Do not mess with her. She knows jiu-jitsu, and she bites.


Matt Hawk (later retconned as Matthew Leibowitz) got his law degree from Harvard, then moved to the frontier town of Tombsone, Texas post-Civil War. Creating his masked identity to track down a gang of thugs that terrorized his new home. Very much a proto-superhero, The Two-Gun Kid ended up involved in a number of #TimeTravelShenanigans adventures, eventually ending up as a bounty hunter during the events of the first superhero Civil War.

If all the stories are expected to be canon, he ends up back in the past to die in 1938, having passed his mask and guns on the Golden Age superhero called The Angel.


On the world of Earth-2, Batman’s first adventure actually took place in 1939, rather than the usual sliding timescale, and Richard Grayson grew up to become an attorney by the 1970s. After his Batman’s retirement, he adopted a spectacularly garish uniform honoring his former mentor before returning to more traditional red-and-yellow gear in his sixties. Sadly, Grayson was killed in action by the Anti-Monitor’s shadow demons during the waning hours of the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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