I’m of the age where I grew up with Nickelodeon, watching even the worst of their output, which was probably ‘National Geographic Explorer’ at the time.  Still, after I went off to college, the true horror arrived: Rugrats.  I try not to be negative guy, and I really respect a lot of the actors involved in the show, but Rugrats is just…  I can’t…  It’s…  If there were an Oscar for ‘Cartoon You Cannot Stand’, Clasky/Csupo would have a room full of little gold statues.  The art style, the premise and especially the voice work upset me in ways I cannot fully articulate, leading to today’s forever-in-reruns query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) fears talking about the show for fear of losing my membership card and blazer from The Tara Strong Fan Club, asking: Which animated property wins the crown of the cartoon you CANNOT STAND?


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