Dynamite is unleashing for the holiday season a stunning statue featuring Frank Thorne’s famous Red Sonja!

Fans can add this 1/6 scale quality resin piece to their collection in December 2019. Sculptor Steve Kiwus brought Thorne’s iconic cover for Marvel Feature #4 into three dimensions. All the details of her intricate chainmail armor, deadly weaponry and powerful pose have been adapted to this new form. Plus a sturdy shield design for a base to support her 12.5 inch height. The statue is also available in black and white and “berzerker” editions.

Red Sonja’s publishing history goes back nearly 50 years with an elite list of writers and artists contributing to her Hyrkanian sagas. It is hard to argue that any one creator has impacted her popularity and reputation more than Frank Thorne. His detailed page layouts, visceral action and a dash of eroticism in the Red Sonja stories exploded her from a footnote in Conan lore to a bonafide solo superstar. Thorne and the Sonja fanbase of old even played a pivotal role in popularizing the art of cosplay!

“The Vampirella Statue by Jose Gonzalez celebrating her 50th anniversary was such a success that we knew fans deserved a classic Red Sonja statue to match! But to have a great piece capturing the essence of Frank’s artwork, we needed a sculptor who would create the most compelling statue, and that is Steve Kiwus. I’m proud to be working with someone as talented as Steve to bring Frank Thorne’s great 2D cover into a great 3D statue!,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “No artist defined our fiery-haired heroine more than Frank Thorne and fans will love this piece!”

This statue is another addition to Dynamite’s line of products celebrating Frank Thorne’s renowned contributions to Red Sonja. The Adventures of Red Sonja paperback volumes reprint the entire original run with remastered coloring. Further Adventures of Red Sonja even colors stories from the black and white comics magazine Savage Sword of Conan for the first time ever. Fans who want to truly appreciate the genius of Thorne’s artwork can go big and check out the three volume Art Edition set. These humongous books reprint the original art at full size, allowing one to analyze each stroke. Thorne’s work has even been adapted to collectible enamel pins!


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