Batgirl #35

7.3 Entertaining

BATGIRL #35 continues a fast paced adventure which leaves not only Batgirl in peril, but Barbara Gordon as well.

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  • Art 7
  • Coloring 7
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Batgirl went from having the upper hand to being on the defense when she tracked down the people behind Cormorant. Now, can she take control of the situation, or will she fall victim to felonious furries? Batgirl #35 is out today from DC Comics.


Writer:  Mairghread Scott
Artist: Paul Pelletier, Norm Rapmund
Letters:  Dave Sharpe
Cover: Francis Manapul
Alternate Cover:  Joshua Middleton
Publisher:  DC Comics
Release Date: May 22, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in BATGIRL: After receiving a severed hand and a cryptic note at the offices of her friend Congresswoman Alejo, Batgirl discovers a common thread through all of the physical evidence and finds herself on the way to the opening of a nightclub called The Den. On her way, Alysia calls her and tells her that a British firm has bought up a large amount of Gordon Clean Energy and are demanding a meeting with her or they could freeze her assets. Barbara tells her to handle it in a way which will help the most people. Moments later she is captured by the latest trio of masked crime bosses in Gotham. And if that is not enough, Jason Bard has made up an excuse to visit Barbara at her new apartment, only to find all of her thing being thrown out because her check bounced! Holy Overdraft!


In the underground nightclub known as The Den, Batgirl finds herself in a bad way. Having been captured by two of the three members of the Terrible Trio, the Vulture is not pleased with her presence. Fox has just explained to the gathered audience, made up of some of the most decadent and vilest citizens in Gotham, of how their organization would be there to not only feed their most base desires, but to take a third of their profits from their various elicit ventures. Unveiling Batgirl hanging upside down in a reinforced glass chamber, bound and seemingly helpless, Fox declares the first example of their services will be the death of Batgirl, for all to see. The tank then begins to fill with water, and despite Batgirls best efforts, it seems that this Houdiniesque death trap may be her undoing. As she struggles against her confines, the emergency line on her phone begins to ring.

In another part of Burnside, in the home of Alysia Yeoh, the young businesswoman is preparing for her early morning meeting with the representatives of the British group which has been buying up the stock of Gordon Clean Energy. Yeoh knows of Barbara’s secret life, but knowing that she ranks below crime fighting does not make her feel any better. She knows she will have to make the decisions in this matter, and is determined to make the right ones.

On the streets of Burnside, literally, Jason Bard awakens to find himself asleep on top of all of Barbara’s worldly belongings. The night before he was present when the representatives of Barbara Gordon’s new apartment had all of her possessions removed to the street due to her check not clearing, and Jason feels responsible enough to make sure no one absconds with anything. Quite a task when the items are on the curb and the homeless are earlier risers that he is.

Unfortunately for her friends and herself, Batgirl has more pressing matters to deal with. It seems the glass chamber she has been trapped in really is quite resistant to her own strength and all of the gadgets she has tried. There are only a few inches of air left in the top. While the Terrible Trio looks on and her friends deal with other aspects of her life, how will Barbara save her own?


As we start this second part of the TERRIBLE storyline, Mairghread Scott (Lantern City, The Transformers: Till All Are One) continues to give us a new look at not the Batgirl and her activities against the criminals of Gotham, but Barbara Gordon’s life her choices. The costumed adventures invariably bleed into the life, but Scott seems to have the ability to make those choices seems to lead in one direction, and then suddenly become more important that they initially seemed and lead the direction of the story. She gives a great internal dialogue to Barbara and uses it to provide information which advances the story instead of seeming like dumps. Reviving the Terrible Trio is another great choice, fleshing them out more than their initial appearances so long ago. They have moved beyond their original clichéd appearances and become a more coherent group criminal mastermind. They each have their own purpose and specialty, and are much more than a cookie cutter bad guys. In regards to revamping older characters, I must say that I am liking her Jason Bard. Bard was originally more of a gentleman detective in the cloth of the forties and fifties affluent investigators, and was used by The Batman to pursue investigations when a more conventional hand was needed. As the head of security for Congresswoman Alejo he seems to be more rounded, and his clumsy attempts at romance make him all the more endearing.

Paul Pelletier (Aquaman, Negation) continues to bring some good art to the book. His panel layouts are well thought out and characters consistent. While I enjoy his work, I think Norm Rapmund (Booster Gold, Wolverine) is a great choice for his inker, as his classic style vibes well with Pelletier’s pencils.


Overall, this is one of the better Batbooks out there. Batman often seems so dark, and Nightwing has gone off in a different direction. With Batgirl, Mairghread Scott and company are delivering a strong book which has, for me, the feel of some late seventies and early Batman titles. Scott is balancing the cowl with the young woman wonderfully.

BATGIRL #35 is great book which continues to bring the suspense to both sides of Barbara Gordon, the Bat and the Girl.

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