Recently, I’ve been enjoying a love/hate relationship with Image Comics’ horror anthology, ‘Ice Cream Man’, joining a number of non superhero comics that end up near the top of my read pile on a regular basis.  There’s also ‘Maneaters’, which I highly recommend for both entertainment and infuriating the kind of jerks that like to gatekeep and name-call, as well as ‘The Wicked + The Divine’, ‘Sex Criminals’, ‘Die’ and a host of others, making it really hard to for me to choose my optimal response to today’s capeless query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) was really impressed by the first issue of ‘Ronin Island’ and also asks: What is YOUR favorite non superhero comic?


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    Blade of the Immortal (debatable if this is superhero) or Kazuo Koike/Goseki Kojima samurai story trilogy: Lone Wolf & Cub, Path of the Assassin & Samurai Executioner.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    There’s so much in my collection, it’d be hard to call a favorite of all time, so I’ll just stick with something from my current pull list:

    I’d have to say it’s probably John Allison’s work, particularly Bad Machinery, although Giant Days and By Night are close behind. I appreciate the anti-decompressed storytelling that he does. Not only does every issue feel like a solid chunk of story, but every page has it’s own point and mini-arc.

  3. Jonathan Cadotte on

    As much as I love Daytripper, I’m going to have to say that Saga edges it out just slightly as my favorite non-superhero comic. (Blacksad gets an honorable mention)

  4. Fusion – written by Steven Barnes, Art by Lela Dowling and Steve Gallacci. It was publish in the 80’s. I’ll pull it our every once in a while to reread it.

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