The only thing more unwelcome than evil clones are evil siblings. (And evil twins are even worse than that!) Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Evil Siblings!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with An Amateur Comics Historian and that wicked Alex Russo, Presents:



After years of hinting that Cyclops and Havok had another sibling, it was revealed that Gabriel Summers was born in Shi’ar space after his mother was abducted by bird-aliens. Accelerated aging made him an angry teenager, and when he returned to Earth, he was taken in by Moira MacTaggart, an associate of Charles Xavier. When the original X-Men were lost in battle with Krakoa, Vulcan was recruited to save them, only for his team to fall as well, leaving him orbiting the Earth in a strange coma-like state. He has since fought the X-Men and participated in the intergalactic conflict known as ‘The War Of Kings’, which is pretty impressive for a massive pile of retcons with an evil snarl.


The identical twin sister of Mera, Aquaman’s wife and/or consort, depending on the day and editorial caveat, Hila was a criminal and a malcontent, shunned by her family. Bearing the same aquakinetic powers as her heroic sis, Siren has teamed with Black Manta (the murderer of her own nephew, mind you) and been a huge thorn in the side of her sib and Aquaman.


Fun-loving, hip and cool as heck, Komand’r has assimilated to Earth much better than her sister Starfire. Not content to make li’l sis feel alienated among her friend, the Teen Titans, Blackfire conspired to get Starfire arrested in her place after framing her for a series of crimes in space. She later escaped from jail, only to try and take control of the entire planet Tamaran. Jerk…


Worse than an evil sibling, worse even than an evil *TWIN*, Mike Murdock is the most vexing brother of them all… because he doesn’t exist. During a time when it seemed his secret was out, Matt Murdock constructed the fake persona of twin brother Mike out of whole cloth, to throw people off the trail. Using cocky jive-talk, Murdock pretended to be his own brother who was secretly Daredevil, hence them having the same face. He even participated in a one-man love triangle with lady-love Karen Page, proposing before faking his death in battle, which explains why she sold him out to The Kingpin so easily. Lies begat lies, “Mike.”


After the death of their father, Victor Strange confronted big brother Stephen about his callous response to their loss, stalking out of Stephen’s home only to be hit by a car. Kept in cryonic storage by his brother, Victor awoke as a vampire after a mystic battle, his injuries healed by his new blood-sucking powers. After falling under the sway of Marie Laveau, Victor took on the costume and mantle of Baron Blood and fought his brother before trying his hand at being a vampire superhero. Sadly, Victor Strange took his life with a stake when his curse began to overpower him.


Another brother who doesn’t exist, though this one only in retrospect, Edward Holland was introduced at the tail end of Swamp Thing’s original 1970s series, during yet another attempt by Swampy to return to human form. This time, though, it works, thanks to Edward’s genius. The series was cancelled in mid-stream, but a legendary unfinished issue #25 does exist, during which Edward betrays his brother to an evil organization called Colossus. His punishment for this is oblivion, as when Swamp Thing is revived a few years later, his entire r’aison d’etre changes and it is EXPLICTLY stated that he doesn’t have a brother.

Crime doesn’t pay, Edward.


Though not an evil sibling himself, Milos Stojakovic has plenty of them, as discovered after his death in combat. When fellow Guardian of the Globe Chupacabra went to pay respects, he discovered that Milos’ father was the head of a local crime family and that Papa (and his multiple brothers) all use the same power to turn to iron for less-than-noble purposes. Fortunately for the people of Sikole, Yugoslavia, Chupacabra is a very resourceful hero.


The true identity of the man who believes himself to be Thomas Wayne, Junior is unclear, but he has used the alias “Lincoln March”, as well as going by both Talon and Owlman in his costumed identity. Though Batman was able to find evidence that he DID have a brother who died soon after birth, he could not confirm nor deny whether or not “March” was indeed brother Thomas, he did defeat him in combat a time or two before the question was rendered moot by Talon’s death at the hands of the Court of Owls.

This whole story is a revisiting of themes from a disavowed 70’s arc in ‘World’s Finest Comics’, wherein Thomas Wayne Jr. was consigned to an asylum as a child and returned to Gotham as “The Boomerang Killer.”


The half-sister of Danny “Iron Fist” Rand, Miranda Rand-K’ai and her mother were run out of the city before Danny ever became the latest Iron Fist. Years later, Miranda was tasked by the alien H’ylithri to steal the Scorpio Key, an ancient Maguffin with awesome powers. She eventually betrayed her employers to save her brother’s life and was trapped in an explosion (but not before framing Iron Fist’s on-again/off-again lover Joy Meachum as Death Sting.) Though she survived the explosion, she was later said to be dead, making for either an untold tale or a misreading of the story by a new author.

Interestingly, her costume as Death Sting is patterned on one worn by the original Scorpio of the Zodiac Cartel, himself Nick Fury’s evil sibling Jake.


When the Teen Titans and The Outsiders met for the first time, they were shocked to find that not only did their earth-manipulating heroes have similar costumes and abilities, but they were actually siblings! Sadly, Tara Markov was a spy in the employ of Deathstroke The Terminator and tried to kill the Teen Titans in cold blood, leaving her brother Geo-Force more than a little confused. Terra’s madness led to her own death, but Geo-Force somehow managed to gain her powers as well, leading Geo-Force to stab Deathstroke and leave him to die in revenge for the death of his evil sister. That… is hardcore.

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