Where would you hide a secret installation devoted to an ancient organization bent on world domination and subjugation of the world? A remote mountain base? The middle of a dormant volcano? In an airport? Find out in CONSPIRACY #3 from Zenescope Entertainment.

Conspiracy #3CONSPIRACY #3

Writer:  Hans Rodionoff
Artist:  J.G. Miranda
Letters:  Taylor Esposito
Cover: Leonard Colapietro
Alternate Cover: Sheldon Goh & Ivan Nunes
Publisher:  Zenescope Entertainment
Release Date: February 20th, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in CONSPIRACY: The last couple of issues of Conspiracy have covered some far out stuff. In the first issue, we saw them cover the Illuminate while the second issue covered doppelgangers. Now, we go to the Denver Airport, possibly the most open conspiracy theory you can actually walk through.


At the Denver International Airport, a small jet lands at night. Senator Muransky and her son Kyle have arrived to meet with the Denver mayor, Morgan Hollis. Kyle, the petulant twenty-one-year-old with a phone and a social media account, immediately notices he has no signal. The Mayor tells him that if he needs to make a phone call he will have to use the airport wi-fi. Kyle’s presence is unexpected, and the Mayor seems a little concerned, but Senator Muransky assures him all is as it should be. They begin their journey through the airport, and Kyle starts to quiz the Mayor on the things he has heard about the airport. What about the mural with the masked soldier killing a dove in front of crying kids? “Children of the World Dream of Peace”, the mayor replies, it was moved to a downtown art gallery during renovations. What about the Anubis statue? Gone and used to promote a King Tut exhibit. The Mayor points out that he knows about all the conspiracy theories even enjoys them. The airport has gone as far as to include them in their renovation notices. All through the airport, you see posters with messages like… “Are we creating the world’s greatest airport, or preparing for the end of the world?” and “Under Construction… Or Cover-Up?” Hollis assures the young man that the theories are just that, theories, and there is no truth in any of them. As they step into a private elevator, Hollis stops a man from getting in with them, telling the young Kyle the man did not have clearance. “Why would you need clearance to get to an airport lounge?” asks Kyle. “It’s not an airport lounge,” Hollis replies, “it’s the headquarters of the Illuminati, of which your mother is a member.” Taken back, Kyle then laughs at the idea of his mother being in the Illuminati. As they step into the lounge area, Hollis asks if Kyle will be able to entertain himself as there is business he needs to discuss with his mother. Spotting a gorgeous red-head, seated all alone, Kyle is pretty sure he will be able to find something to do.

Meanwhile, Hollis and Muransky depart for a different area of the lounge. You see, Hollis was not joking. Senator Muransky is a member of the Illuminate, and she is about to be tested to see if she is worthy of advancing to the next level. It is a test which will change not only her life but that of her son as well.


Conspiracy has been an interesting series, one which explores the various conspiracy theories and legends that run rampant in our society, but at the same time weaving them into entertaining stories. Writer Hans Rodionoff (Mnemovore, Man-Thing) has a solid record of writing good, spellbinding horror. He has done his research on this story, and it adds a level to the tale. To be honest, I had never heard the theories on the Denver International Airport so I took a little time to do some research and was very surprised. Rodionoff took many of the theories about the DIA and wove them into the story he presents. It successfully gives a very strange, but solid, background to the story. The combined tale of mother and son works well, and there is that touch of suspense as it unfolds.

Issue artist, J.G. Miranda (Wonderland, Aliens/Vampirella) translates the script well. There are multiple sections of the script which are very dialogue heavy, and Miranda composes the panel construction and the flow of each scene well enough to make them easy to read and flowing. Good anatomy and an eye for detail makes for a well-constructed tale. Good character design and excellent perspective make this a well laid out story.


As stated before, this series is very unique as it takes the various conspiracy theories and urban legends, uses them as the base and weaves a story around them which makes for an entertaining read that also makes you stop and think. On the surface, the concepts seem a little out there, but Rodionoff and company take the random theories and forge a cohesive story around them make for some good comics. It also winds up dragging you in. Did you know the artist, Luis Jiménez, who created Blue Mustang was killed by his creation when a piece of the nine thousand pound statue fell on him? No wonder the piece of artwork was nicknamed Blucifer,

CONSPIRACY #3 makes for great mind candy, and gives you a feeling that maybe these aren’t just theories after all.

Conspiracy #3

A Great Story

CONSPIRACY #3 makes for great mind candy, and gives you a feeling that maybe these aren’t just theories after all.

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