Like most men my age, I have a recurring problem.  No, not THAT problem, the problem of legacy characters and how they never seem to get the respect they deserve thanks to short-sighted fans and over-cautious creators.  Few have it worse than Wally West, who was killed, unkilled, shot into the speed force, killed again, entirely retconned away and replaced then unkilled AGAIN only to die as an afterthought in a crossover that makes my skin crawl.  Then there’s the age-old Prime problem: Rodimus was handed the Matrix upon Optimus’ death and led the Autobots through their darkest hour, only to have fans rebel.  The whole thing was overturned, leaving poor Rodimus in the lurch, leading to today’s replacement query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wants to stress that this isn’t a question of who’s better or cooler, but how to deal with the fact that Rodimus deserves his due, asking: How would YOU solve the Prime problem: Return Rodimus, stick with Optimus or something in between?


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  1. Since there is only 1 Matrix of leadership, I think Optimus should stay dead. The series briefly brought him back so we could see the switch which did not work.
    In the movie universe, he is an even worse leader. With a track record like his, they should let Spike’s mother’s dog take over. He couldn’t do any worse.
    Let Rodimus be the Prime!

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