As a kid, I was quite enamored of The Three Detectives, The Hardy Boys and even (defying pre-teen rules on reading about girl heroes) Nancy Drew, and I remember being a little bit upset, in a vague fashion, when I heard that Carolyn Keene wasn’t a real person.  I’m not as into the Teen Detective archetype as I used to be, but I have to say that Veronica Mars is pretty okay and Tim Drake’s skills were good enough to figure out the identity of Batman and earn the role of Robin, leading to today’s deductive query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also likes the bit in ‘Revolutionaries’ where the Adventure Team’s Atomic Man was revealed to have once been Mikey Power, kid detective, fighting crime with his dog, asking: Who is your personal favorite Teen Detective?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    Jupiter Jones, First Investigator, all the way!

    – Kid who’d figured out a way to get chauffeured around in a gold-plated limo, free of charge? Jupiter Jones.
    – Has the gumption to walk into a famous film director’s studio, do a bad impersonation of the director — to his face — and then negotiate literary sponsorship from the director? Jupiter Jones.
    – Have Hans & Frans, er, Konrad on hand to pummel ne’er-do-wells? Jupiter Jones.

  2. Though I did spend years of my childhood reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, and enjoyed them both, I’m gonna stick with my girl, Velma. She’s the real detective of that group and always has it figured out before the rest. I even like her quirky attitude.

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