I caught the 2017 ‘Justice League’ movie on cable last night, and I have to say, even though it’s kind of a mess tonally, has too much Batman and digital Superman face, there are some really solid performances in it.  The Flash is fun as a young, inexperienced flibertigibbet, Wonder Woman is rock-solid and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman steals a lot of scenes.  I was concerned about Jason, what with Aquaman traditionally being a blond dude in orange scale-mail, but he lives the role throughout that movie.  Even with the amount of time he spends in mid-air (which is “Too Much”, by the way), it makes me want to see his solo film, leading to today’s underwater query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “Stan-ih-slav-skee-un”) still remembers the complaints about Michael Keaton back in 1988 and how good that movie turned out, asking: What live action actor that you didn’t expect to be good as a favorite character nonetheless lives the role?


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