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We’ve Got a New Hellboy Trailer, Peeps!

Stranger Things’ David Harbour will be taking up the mantle of the Left Hand of God in a movie arriving in 2019. Coming on the wake of fan-favourite Ron Perlman’s portrayal this first look at a new generation of Hellboy movies was always going to get a lot of fan scrutiny. From early reactions online the fandom seems split:

Aladdin’s Whole New World

Entertainment Weekly has dropped an exclusive first look at the live-action remake of the Disney classic Aladdin.

Fans remain split over this non-blue incarnation of the Genie. The conversation seems focused on the visuals, rather than the incredible legacy of Robin Williams’ Will Smith must have performed under. The blue discussion has even extended as far as Abu, although I think it’s likely this still is from inside the Cave of Wonders. In the original animated Aladdin the Cave of Wonders was blue and purple – especially from the outside.

We were then assured that Smith’s Genie would be the classic blue and the photos we are seeing in this release are when he is in disguise as a civilian in Agrabah. I would argue that the fact that these photos required a secondary explanation probably means PR ought to have included at least one with semi-finished visual effects since expectations were so hue-oriented.

Conversation also turned to Marwan Kenzari’s Jafar. He inspired the #HotJafar hashtag on Twitter almost immediately after the photographs dropped. I, personally, stand poised and ready for 2019’s Aladdin’s Jafar to enjoy the same notoriety Black Panther’s M’Baku garnered earlier this year.

Spider-Bells is Home for the Holidays

Spider-Verse has stolen the hearts of comic book geeks across the world and this week Sony and Marvel graced us with the full rendition of Spider-Bells as sung by their animated universe’s Peter Parker v2.0 (why didn’t they just call him Ben Reilly, AM I RIGHT!?), a.k.a. Chris Pine.

Happy Holiday, nerds!




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