Ever since Widget and I binge-watched the Teen Titans cartoon a few years ago (the original one, not TTG), she’s been occasionally shocked to find out what her favorite teenage supers are like in the comics.  Raven?  Completely different and nearly as funny.  Pantha?  Dead.  Jericho?  Dead.  Starfire?  Disturbingly pneumatic.  Of course, her favorites notwithstanding, the question of who is the Top Titan isn’t one you can easily answer, what with the dozens and dozens of (admittedly mostly dead) former members, the cartoon adaptation, the live-action version and tons of former members floating about, which leads us to today’s BOOYAH! query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will never stop arguing that Kid Flash’s original costume is the perfect super-suit, but would probably still pick Wolfman/Perez-era Starfire, asking: Which Teen Titan (of any era or medium) is truly the Top Titan of them all?


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  1. Mitchell McCann on

    Raven, from the cartoon.

    Vintage Robin from early comics.

    Miss Martian from newer comics.

    Jericho from a hair care perspective.

    Jeez this is hard.

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