After fifty-five years of webslinging, Peter Parker has saved a lot of lives.  More than that, he has influenced a ton of other super-types, from the Spectacular Spider-Kid to Miles Morales to about four future children who inherited his powers.  Spider-Verse added a lot of new wrinkles to the Spider Hero motif, including Speed Buggy-like Peter Parkedcar, the Amazing Spider-Mobile, as well as returning old favorite like Spider-Ham and the MC2 Spider-Girl to the fold, leading to today’s radioactive spider-query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will always choose Takyua Yamashiro and his giant robot, because I’m old school about my deep cuts, asking: If you are NOT allowed to choose Peter Parker, which Spider Hero would you choose to save you?


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  1. I’m all in on Flash Thompson as Venom. The transition to Anti-Venom was okay, but I was less than pleased with how Slott tied that story up. I mean, blah blah revolving door, but it kinda cut the legs out from under it all for me.

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