Old Lady Harley #1 Review

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I know some people just wretch when the term “funny book” is brought up in reference to comics. After all, comics are SERIOUS business, not to be humorous at all. (It’s kind of like Star Trek: The Next Generation was.)

But I have to say that Old Lady Harley #1, the latest in a string of “Old” something comics, was genuinely funny! I laughed out loud several times!


Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Inaki Miranda
Colorist: Eva De La Cruz
Published by: DC Comics
Cover price: $3.99

SOLICITATION: After liberating New York City from her now-feral Gang of Harleys, poor Harley wants nothing more than to slip back into retirement in her coastal (and heavily guarded) paradise. But the Laughing Boys Gang has another idea—they’ll follow her to the ends of the Earth, to drag her back to their leader! It can’t actually be…him! Right?! He couldn’t possibly still be alive, could he? After all…Harley killed him herself with her bare hands! Should she turn to President Power Girl for help? Or flee to the 51st state, Atlantis? Step into an insane vision of a future DC Universe we all better hope we don’t live to see!


I have to admit that I’m not much into “old” whoever whatever comics regardless of which company is making them. So I wasn’t exactly excited when I started to read this book.

But it wasn’t long before Harley and Red Tool (if this character reminds anyone of Deadpool, you go to the head of the class) barge into a Kraken Barrel (any resemblance to a Cracker Barrel is purely coincidental) restaurant and have to fight the fishes on hand.

It’s action and witty dialogue galore page after page, including the title of the issue: “The Good, The Bad, and the Old.” I had to at least smile at that!

There are Penguin mutants, the Monster Hurler 3000, robot Azraels, and even Shakespeare references along the way. You’ll find allusions to Westworld, Twilight Zone, Dukes of Hazzard, and anime as well. Fun stuff!

The pacing of the story in this book moves along quickly most of the time, slowing down very rarely and only for those much-needed character moments, such as when the pair discovers they are in the Batcave. Of course, who do they discover in that location? Guesses, anyone?

The Joker’s influence can be felt as well, so we’re left wondering if the Clown Prince of Crime will make an appearance. My money says, “Yup!”


While the action moves along, breathlessly at times, the art does a great job of portraying what’s going on very well. I could hear sound effects including crunching metal and explosions when looking at the artwork as well. And who else gets to draw octopuses, crashing cars, and big purple monsters? Or Gotham City, a popular restaurant, and a desert road? Not many other comic artists, I bet!

Harley definitely looks older in this book, although that doesn’t seem to slow her down at all. And the facial expressions work well even though we can’t see the Tool’s face because of his mask. Really enjoyable.

BOTTOM LINE: Fun Is As Fun Does

If you can figure out what’s going to happen next in Old Lady Harley, you’re a better guesser than I am. But it’s a wonderful romp that never lets up.

This is one funny book, and in a good way! If you haven’t added this to your subscription, I highly recommend it! It’s the only “old” book I’m now getting!

Old Lady Harley #1


This is one funny book, and in a good way!

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