The Christmas of ’81 or ’82, I don’t remember which, brought an amazing thing to my house: A tiny little working Pac-Man video game.  Even with it’s primitive LED technology, it was highly amusing stuff and may be the first handheld video game I ever encountered.  Since then, things have gotten highly sophisticated, from Game Boy to Game Gear to PSP, even to the point where I can now download free games to the magical computer I keep in my pocket at all times.  Heck, we spent a good couple of years playing ‘Angry Birds’ at my house before graduating to more complicated weird stuff, like the one Widget keeps playing where she is a black hole trying to engulf bigger and bigger things in a cartoon city, leading to today’s solid-state query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that downloadable phone apps should definitely count for today’s inquiry, so my current answer is “Bricks And Balls” cause that thing is addictive, asking: What’s YOUR favorite handheld video game?


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  1. Kalle Stenberg on

    Probably Gundam Battle Universe (and the two previous games in the series) for the PSP, with the Castlevania-games for Nintendo DS a close second.

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