There are a lot of sidekicks in the universe and most of them are patterned in one way or another after Dick Grayson, the original Robin from 1940.  Depending on when you started reading comics, your first interactions with the Boys and/or Girls Wonder may have ranged anywhere from hyper-competent Stephanie to genius Tim to that little putz Jason Todd, but no matter which was your first, we all have our Fave-Rave Robin.  For me, it’s Dick Grayson, thanks to the origins of the New Teen Titans circa the early ’80s, but that’s also because I’m old, leading to today’s sensational character find query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) does appreciate Tim Drake adding pants to the ensemble, as well as his black cape, asking: Which of Batman’s red-vested sidekicks (from ANY continuity) is your Fave-Rave Robin?


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