Thanks to the magic of expanded cable, I am now able to spend my weekends perusing hours of the best sitcoms, which included some ‘Gilligan’s Island’, a big chunk of ‘The Mindy Project’ and tons of ‘Victorious’, because I have a teenager.  It also meant spending a recent Sunday watching a marathon of ‘M*A*S*H’, starting with the episode that introduced BJ and Colonel Potter.  Maybe its because Harry Morgan reminds me of my grandfather, but there’s something comforting about the Colonel’s demeanor, ranging as it does from quietly supportive to explosively cathartic.  It’s an entirely different vibe from ‘Scrubs’ stern chief doctor, who uses girl’s names and gruff tough love to keep JD in line, leading us to today’s paternalistic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is hard-pressed to choose between long, hilarious rants and interjections like “Mule Muffins!” or “Horse Hockey!”, asking: Which Stern Chief Doctor would you rather work for: Colonel Sherman T. Potter or Dr. Percival Cox?


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  1. Gotta go with Doctor Cox. The guy is rough on people, it’s true, but he’s there to keep people grounded and occasionally tell them that you know what, you actually did a good job.

  2. I’d rather work for Potter, but I Cox is probably the better guy for keeping you humble, since he’s usually right despite the tough demeanor.

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