Hopefully, your little monsters and goblins are back to school, and you can breathe a little sigh of relief and think back to the days when you went to school. While you are taking a trip down memory lane, why not think about the schools you could have gone to. No, we aren’t talking USC, UCLA, or even KU, but rather those fictional schools and universities that fill our pop culture worlds.


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  1. While only Riverdale High is a good choice, I’m choosing based on what I want to be, and so I voted for Xavier’s School because I want to be a super hero and meet Captain America.

  2. Any Magic school, particularly Hogwarts will be prejudice. (sorting hat)
    Xavier school doesn’t actually hold class, just war and drama.
    Ender’s Game’s school will lie to you to suit their needs.
    I don’t want to be a stormtrooper (Imperial Academy) and die by lightsaber or faulty engineering practices.
    Riverdale is basically vanilla high school anyway.

    At the end of the day Starfleet academy is the only choice. At least they try for equality and a better future. Plus, as long as you don’t get assigned to an Enterprise type ship, you can spend your life peacefully researching and LIVING.

  3. Frederick Pagliarulo (a.k.a. Darth Macho) on

    Starfleet Academy might be extremely challenging, and there was a fair amount of conflict in the galaxy, but the Federation seems like it had the most going for it in an age of exploration. While the Star Wars galaxy seems exciting, working for an evil empire seems mostly bleak. Hogwart’s seems cool, but too much teen drama going on there.

  4. Hogwarts has to be it for me. I love magical worlds and stories. Sci-fi takes a backseat to magic and the closer to real life situations like Archie don’t hold much appeal to me. Also cuthulu is too scary to want to be a part of!

  5. I have to go with the one where I can realistically avoid all the inevitable weirdness.

    “What major would you be interested in pursuing here at Miskatonic University? We have fantastic programs in Archaeology, Anthropology, World Religions…”

    “Engineering. Engineering sounds good.”

  6. Daniel Langsdale on

    Xavier’s Academy strikes me as the one that would most care about each individual student being the best version of themselves. Too many of the others are geared towards being conformity mills whose few outstanding students excel despite the system rather than because of it.

  7. Miskatonic University. It is the only place that offers all the classes I would be interested in like intro to non euclidean geometry, Stars aren’t they weird 401, and Ancient Sumerian.

    Camp half blood was a close second but I think I have a less chance of being murdered at Miskatonic, which is saying something.

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