The fun from the funky sixties gets turned up a notch as those groovy kids from Riverdale finally meet up with Batman and his young sidekicks Robin and Batgirl! So settle into your favorite Bat-chair with a chocolate malted and let’s see how it starts in Archie Meets Batman ’66 #1 from Archie Comics and DC Comics!

Archie Meets Batman ’66 #1

Writer: Jeff Parker & Michael Moreci
Illustrator: Dan Parent
Inks: J. Bone
Letterer: Jack Morelli
Editor: Victor Gorelick
Cover Art: Michael and Laura Allred
Variant Covers: Derek Charm, Francesco Francavilla, Sandy Jarrell w/Kelly Fitzpatrick, Dan Parent w/J. Bone and Rosario “Tito” Pena, Ty Templeton
Publisher: Archie Comics in conjunction with DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Archie Meets Batman ‘66: Archie is the eternal teen, and here he and his friends are shown at their Americana laden best. Batman ’66 continues the television series with new tales of characters that you know but get to meet all over again. They’ve not crossed paths until now.


The Gotham Midway Park is hosting the 1966 World’s Science Fair, but they made the mistake of not inviting the pernicious paramour of plant philosophy, Poison Ivy, to their show. Astride her hybridized winged snapdragon, she wreaks havoc among the tourist until the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin, arrive to snip her shenanigans short! But even as the Terrific Two battle the alluring agronomist, another member of Batman’s rogues gallery, that brigand known as the Bookworm, is taking advantage of the distraction to perform his own nefarious deeds. But when the breathtaking beauty known as Batgirl arrives on the scene, can even those two brazen baddies stand a chance?

Meanwhile, in Riverdale, we find that that vexing vixen Veronica Lodge modeling her latest chic conquest for her father, rich guy Hiram Lodge. But her father seems a little distracted? Could it be because that sultry songbird the Siren is in town? All signs are pointing to yes! But why is she in Riverdale, and what reason could Penguin and the United Underworld have for recruiting her into their roguish ranks?


One of the biggest traits Archie and his teenage cast of cohorts has in common with Batman and his crime-fighting collective is adaptability. You can pair the characters up with anyone from The Punisher, to The Crusaders, to the monstrous Predator and you will still have a great story that entertains. It might not make a lot of sense, but you’ll have so much fun it doesn’t really matter. Jeff Parker (Wonder Woman, Batman ’66) and Michael Moreci (The Flash, Black Star Renegades) are taking advantage of that adaptability to bring you a tale that thrills you and chills you to your core! Well, maybe that is a slight overstatement, let’s say it is entertaining and fun for all ages. Jeff Parker has an established body of work with Batman ’66, and as you read the dialog you hear the deliberate delivery of the great, late Adam West and the enthusiastic energy of Burt Ward in your head. The dialogue is right, and personally I could even hear William Dozier’s voice as the announcer from the television show reading off the captions. Teamed up with Moreci, it is a great match that just works. The Archie sequences ring just as true, and the art of legendary Dan Parent (Kevin Keller, Archie vs Sharknado) seals the deal, effectively placing a foot squarely in both worlds.  But where is the story going? In this first issue, it’s not to clear, but it looks to be fun and I want in on the ride. Like their respective monthly series, these two characters ring true to and kids of all ages will enjoy it and ask for more.


Archie Meets Batman ’66 #1 is a great book that captures the feel of both titles, meshing them together in a pleasant potpourri that delivers the POW ZAP BONK that fans love!

Archie Meets Batman '66 #1


A great beginning to what looks to be a rollicking crossover of two iconic properties, you will surely want to tune in for more.

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