As I am writing these words, it is still Friday the 13th, a day that I prefer to be full of horror movies and hot tea, because I’m simultaneously a teenager and the world’s oldest living human being.  (It’s a living…)  Still, my coworkers didn’t want to watch the Jason Voorhees marathon and weren’t thrilled with a showing of ‘Prometheus’, so I spent my day shock-free, entirely lacking the scary ghost stories that I’d have preferred.  Of course, that got me thinking about WHICH one would be most satisfying, so at least they got us to today’s supernatural query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that whatever was in Katie and Micah’s hallway qualifies as my number one spirit, asking: Who makes for the most scary ghost in all of pop culture?


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  1. It’s a tie between the Hallway Ghost from Crimson Peak because of its mixture of gore and disturbing locomotion, and the ghost of A Tale Of Two Sisters because just, shudder worthiness. I have to go watch a Micky Mouse or something now….

  2. the most scary ghost in all of pop culture? Huh how about one that frightened a whole nation.

    Mother Seddons AKA Pipes – from Ghostwatch… the one that had a nation freak out…

    It was presented as live television on BBC 1 back in 92. the cast were all news and non drama types, During and following its first and only UK television broadcast, the show attracted a considerable panic, resulting in an estimated 30,000 calls to the BBC switchboard in a single hour, after the show. questions were asked in parliament…

    I was 12 it freaked out the whole family and it was on the fact that we saw the credits had writers, did it calm everyone down.

    it’s never been shown again on British tv.

    Now that’s the most scary ghost in all of pop culture!

  3. The guy from the Sixth Sense. The very idea of walking around not even knowing you’re dead, talking to people but never having them respond.. horrifying!

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