So far Amanda “Livewire” McKee has survived driving class, an ambush by her ex-BFF, a game of Bloodball, and the disappearance of her now best friend. What else can this teen queen be subjected to? How about a confrontation with the mysterious Shadow-Like-Man? That and more in this issue of Valiant High #3, from Valiant Entertainment!

Valiant High #3 ReviewVALIANT HIGH #3

Writer: Daniel Kibblesmith
Artist: Derek Charm
Cover: Daniel LaFuente
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Valiant High: Amanda has brought been having a time navigating her high school drama, and now it looks like she may have actually caught the eye of her possible crush! Is that a good thing, or a disaster waiting to happen. And what about Colin and Peter? They had just stumbled onto the secret of Gilad, the Eternal Sophomore, but will they survive to tell the tale?


After the disappearance of her best friend Faith, and the appearance of a mysterious shadowy man in the halls of Valiant High, Amanda “Livewire” McKee has had enough. Still reeling from the events of this night, she confronts the mystery man, and discovers his secret. He is Dr. D, and with his secret super car, GIN-GR. A friendly sort, he and Amanda talk for a short time until she hears a commotion coming from outside.

Meanwhile, Gilad tells his secret to Peter and Colin. He and his brother were found by Principle Harada and offered sanctuary, if they agreed to protect the school from a coming ancient evil. So since ancient time, 1995 to be exact, Gilad and his brother have been at the school with the secret mission of guarding it. Unfortunately, Armstrong has recently been distracted by another young man in need, Archer. But Gilad holds firm to his mission.

Before we can find out more, the ancient evil, in the form of pink energy ghosts inhabiting football uniforms, attack! It’s all hands on deck for the big fight, but what happens when the object of Amanda’s infatuation makes an appearance, and things get a little weird?

By the way, still no Woody. Hope he has a doctor’s excuse!


Daniel Kibblesmith (Quantum and Woody, Santa’s Husband) started the first two issues of this mini-series off great and this third issue is an excellent continuation. All of the mystery, drama, teen angst, and action are just close enough to the regular Valiant world as to give fans a thrill when they catch a reference but written well enough that you don’t have to know everything about canonically to enjoy it. We get more sub-plots introduced, such as Dr. D and GIN-GR, and there are some surprising romantic hook-ups brewing, one especially I did not see coming! Little things like that keep the story fresh and worthy of a purchase each month.

Daniel LaFuente’s covers are eye-catching, and this month’s is no exception. Amanda and Faith engaging in emoji-speak is neat, but it is the overall look of the art that makes me enjoy it all the more. Derek Charm (Jughead, Star Wars Adventures) delivers another solid issue, and I noticed some Kirbyesque design touches that add to the feel of wonder. touches that brings the heat to this issue again. The story art stays as energetic as ever, and really amps up the story nicely.


If we stay with the theme, this third issue is the Junior edition, with the story clearly ready to graduate to full Senior status. But, while we get more questions, we are still a little short on answers. Is there a possibility of more Valiant High after this series concludes? I hope so, it’s been a great ride and I can’t wait to see how the end game plays out. Will Colin succeed in getting Peter to Alpha status? Will Amanda confront her crush or will she be crushed? What about Faith and… but that would be telling. You have to pick the issue up to find out more.

Valiant High #3 remains at the head of the class, and the head of your pull list!

Valiant High #3


Your homework? Pick this book up and enjoy!

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