Travel back with us to a time when waking up at 6:00 AM wasn’t a punishment, but rather a chance to sit around in our Doctor Dentons with a big bowl of Sugar Smacks as we stared zombie-like at the boob-tube, as we share our Top Five Saturday Morning Cartoons.

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  1. Malone_hasco on

    Let’s see, here are mine which is probably a bit different to usual, because we had a bit different selection and some shows started later than original US run or some didn’t at all or were exclusive to satellite or cable.

    #5 Duck Tales. We did have Disney in regular Saturday morning rotation, because of only two television channels (3rd one in 1993) and whole country was basically nuts for Disney.

    #4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was towards the end of my “golden age” because I was getting older.

    #3 “Olipa kerran elämä”, originally “Il était une fois… la vie”. A French educational cartoon about human body made in a very fun way and had great production values for the time.

    #2 Transformers. Didn’t see all of the original run, because we didn’t have satellite, so my main Transformers dose came from Marvel comics but it still stuck with me to this day.

    #1 He-Man and The Masters of the Universe. My favorite as a kid. Had tons of toys too. Skeletor was my first action figure type toy.

  2. Karl G. Siewert on

    First of all, I want you to know that I taught high school students in Tribune, KS the parts of speech using Schoolhouse Rock VHS tapes in 1995. Incredible stuff. Good choice!

    This episode bears some similarities with several that have gone before:
    #12 – Cartoon Theme Songs
    #28 – Underrated Cartoons
    #50 – Shows We Had To Watch
    #75 – Shows We Loved As A Kid
    #159 – Cartoon Characters

    Here is my personal Top Five:
    5) Hong Kong Phooey – Problematic in retrospect, but I loved this show. I had a tie-in picture book as a kid that featured a story about people being held captive in a fortune cookie factory, which Phooey learned about because he opened a cookie with the fortune, “Help! I’m being held captive in a fortune cookie factory!”
    4) Jonny Quest – Also problematic due to the character of Hadji. Oddly, I have no specific memories of this show, but I know that I couldn’t wait to watch it every week.
    3) The Jetsons – Between the Great Gazoo and Jet Screamer’s hit “Eep, Opp, Ork, Ah-ah!”, this show has some of the most beloved TV memories from my childhood.
    2) The Pink Panther – So many ground-breaking things in this show. Stand-out episodes include “Pink Ice” (in which the Panther speaks) and the utterly mind-blowing “Psychedelic Pink”.
    1) The Bugs Bunny Show – I find it hard to believe that nobody mentioned either the Warner Brothers cartoons or Tom and Jerry, which I consider fundamental works in this area. My memories of these cartoons are too numerous to even begin to list, but lines like “Are you nervous, gato?” “Aha! Pronoun trouble.” and “I’m stalkin’ a victim.” are part of my vocabulary to this day. It makes me sad that my kids have never really watched Looney Tunes cartoons, and will never have the experience of watching them in this format.

    …and a bonus list of “Do You Remember” titles:
    Gilligan’s Planet
    Misterjaw (not to be confused with Jabberjaw)
    Buford and the Galloping Ghost

  3. Hey everybody, my top five list for Saturday morning cartoons was incredibly difficult for me to do because I love Saturday morning cartoons and watch them to this day. In fact, as of this writing, I watched the episodes that aired on 11/29/1969. My goal is to watch all available cartoons until I run out of cartoons to watch.

    I am the youngest of four children, so I didn’t have control of the TV early on.

    5) Thundarr the Barbarian
    4) Hong Kong Phooey
    3) The New Adventures of Batman
    2) Super Friends
    1) Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

    Honorable Mentions: The Smurfs, Speed Buggy, Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle

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