This week’s Retro Review reminded me of the good ol’ days of 90s wrestling excess, in ways both good and bad.  In the wrestling game, the Finishing Move is the one (usually) unbreakable, unstoppable move that puts your opponent away for good.  Stone Cold Steve Austin has his Stone Cold Stunner, Delirious had his Chemical Imbalance, The Lizard King had his Crowning Achievement.  (One of those I made up, but nonetheless, I’m proud of it.)  If I were assigning finishing moves to the Mighty MSP crew, I’d call Stephen’s ‘The Editorial Caveat’, Ashley’s ‘The 405 South’ and Rodrigo’s ‘The Thoughtful Discourse’.  That’s an ironic name, y’see, because his will obviously be all about swift and blinding violence, leading to today’s no disqualification query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is classified as an Operator in my RWJ, making my perfect finale ‘The Blind Transfer’, asking: Based on what you do best, what would you call YOUR personal wrestling finishing move?


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