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In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: This is it – the final battle between the two forces and the fate of Hays, KS.

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  1. Frederick Pagliarulo, a.k.a. darthmacho on

    Great payoff to this game! Well done to Brian as GM and the whole crew. I can’t say I liked the game mechanics of this system, but you guys carried it. It was a lot of fun to listen to, and I loved the ending.

    I’m so excited for the final arc of the Void Saga. The story of Orem and his friends got me back into D&D after 20 years, and even though I play 5e now, I can’t wait to hear the epic conclusion to your 4e game. When it does finally end, I hope you all can look back and really feel proud of the story that you told. Thank you so much for that.

    I can’t wait to see what the future holds for #criticalhit!

  2. This was great!

    I loved how you guys addressed at the end the same questions I had: “Did Brian set up Rodrigo as the bad guy? Did this system always end up like this, in PvP? Is Rodrigo ok with being ganged upon?”

    Anyway, it was great to listen to you guys and that was an AWESOME ending, great job guys!

  3. “We’re listening.”
    Wonderful payoff to a tense, exciting story. Congrats to Brian, Rodrigo, Sam, Stephen, Rob and Matthew. The fantastic give and take of experienced roleplayers and genre savvy improvisers was on display here.
    This show got me into RPGs in the first place and I’m thrilled to see what you come up with in the next season of the Void Saga.

  4. Loved the ending. Well done by everyone, and especially Brian.

    I’m intrigued by the system you guys played – more so the Fate even if I liked the flavor of the superheroes world better then this one – and how it sets folks against each other.

  5. Bill the Seeker on

    I wanted to address the last discussion in the mailbag segment. I enjoy playing any class but hate the ‘power creep’ classes that are created for the expansion books. Too many times these are ‘classes’ that could be created through multiclassing, using feats, etc, but slip in extra little bonuses that imbalance them vs the base classes. I have yet to play with a min/max style player that didn’t LOVE these classes for this very reason. “He’s like a fighter who can use arcane magic while fully armored.”

  6. The Queen's Obedient Cousin on

    So… I mostly loved this game, as I’ve been saying all along. And in this session, I particularly enjoyed Sam and Rodrigo’s serene, professional “we’re about to try to kill each other, but let’s explore our options first” conversation, and all the surprise developments in the combat, which was really tense and unnerving. The decision about the fate of the shears was particularly startling. I’ve really come to enjoy these characters a lot, and I’ll miss them.


    Three of the last four Critical Hit games have ended really abruptly, and the last two in particular ended pretty much the second the big final combat was over. And I just find that so disappointing! A lot of what keeps me riveted over this podcast is the depth of the character-building, and how everyone has an interesting and worthwhile individual story arc. Am I the only one here who’s missing the chance at a denouement, to get a sense of what comes next for these characters and this world, and what they have in mind for their futures? I think the part of a story after a crisis is just as important and compelling as the crisis itself. Maybe even more so, because it’s more telling for the characters.

    Rodrigo’s talked about why the last chapter of the Void Saga ended without the party ever finding out whether Lek survived and what became of the Salamander Coil’s base, largely because the party made an unforeseen decision not to immediately go back there. And while that was frustrating in the moment, back in December 2016, I always assumed we’d see these characters again, and get to find out how their lives have changed again. But with Weird Western and Urban Shadows, I’m just assuming this is the end — and while those were emotional endings in both cases, I felt like we didn’t really get to see those characters off.

    It’s happened enough times now that I’m wondering if this is just a really specific part of my personal aesthetic that other people don’t share.

    • hallihalloogligeetblik on

      I definitely feel kind of the same way.

      While I definitely feel like Lords of the Feywild went on for a long time, I LOVED the tangents and not-as-focused plot of that season. I felt like there were more shenanigans and fun other-stuff in that season as well as Astral Sea, while Legacy of Ghosts felt more like a more narrow trainride in a way. Still loved it, it’s great, but I definitely miss some of the old worldbuilding stuff. I think the difference really comes down in player vs. audience.

      While everyone playing knew how eladrin society worked pretty quickly, I feel like it took me the entirety of Lords of the Feywild to really narrow down the choices made about how eladrin behaves.

      Like when in one of the last episodes of the season, Orems father gives Randus a compliment, and I only really got why that was a big deal on the second listen through.

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