My life in general is a big game of ‘Hey, It’s That Guy,’ which admittedly makes the afternoons of mindless TV go faster.  Of late, my coworkers and I have once again been enjoying ‘Bonanza’, the adventures of Trapper John, Pa Ingalls, Commander Adama and Hoss.  (Sadly, Dan Blocker passed away during the series, and the only other thing I’ve ever seen him in was a Three Stooges short.)  Either way, the big takeaway the Ponderosa is that the theme song is an earworm that will stick in your head FOR DAYS after any given viewing, especially if you know the words.  (If you don’t, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.)  Still, the same is true for other shows as, even a decade later, I’ll occasionally find myself humming the haunting theme tune to ‘The X-Files’, leading to today’s inescapable query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) used to have a similar problem with M*A*S*H, but have finally (mostly) defeated that song by forgetting the lyrics, asking: What’s the most pernicious earworm in all of pop culture?



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  1. Malone_hasco on

    I can never forget Dr Wily stage music from NES Mega Man 2. Seems like I’m not alone, since its become one of the best known (and best overall) video game tunes thanks to live streams and youtube. Thats really impressive and its been on and off in my head since 1989.

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