Thanks to the unusual nature of my day job, I have to monitor local television stations to keep abreast of weather or disaster situations, which usually means that I watch a local morning show.  Lately, we’ve been stuck on the CBS affiliate (mostly because NBC’s lineup national lineup has become so very annoying), but even that isn’t a sure thing to avoid cringey, terrible or unwatchable moments.  I’d much rather see Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers in the morning, with Bucky Barnes handling sports and Tony Stark in the Action Weather Lab which is actually his old gold armor with a thermometer on top.  If nothing else, it’d be entertaining, leading to today’s so-early-it’s-actually-late yesterday query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also thinks that Mal and Inara would make a great morning team, with Hoban Washburn’s Skywatch Forecast indicating spears, asking: What fictional assemblage or pairing would you be most likely to tune in and watch as a morning show team?


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  1. Rachael Murphy on

    I think Hal Jordan for the science reporting what with him having to have an imagination for his Super Hero night job.
    For the main desk jockeys, Felicity Smoak and Barry Allen. They have quirky fun personalities that pair well together.
    Sports should definitely be Bain and Killer Croc. I’d watch those two fight over Lakers v Celtics any day.

  2. I’m gonna be watching troy and abed in the morning. but when things go wrong I am gonna flip to channel 52 and get the news from Kent and Rogers

  3. Malone_hasco on

    Morning news channel with Prince Namor in weather report, Dr Doom doing international news report, Flash Thompson Venom in sports and Megatron in science report.

  4. Deep Space in the Morning
    With your hosts: Gul Dukat and Elim Garak
    Quark with your space weather report, and sports with General Martok.

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