Today, my wife realized that her driver’s license had expired, and rushed to the office to get a new one.  Thanks to our state’s stupid leadership, she needed to have her birth certificate and marriage license to complete the process (I don’t understand why, either) but through a massive stroke of luck, both documents were actually in her possession, thanks to the cancellation of a different meeting with a different government office.  In short, she hates her new driver’s license photo…  but she has one!  It’s the kind of fortuitous fluke that you usually only see in fiction (like if your bathtub kept falling out of the house and you were miraculously unharmed, f’rinstance) leading us to today’s she’s-Irish-so-we-can-safely-call-it-luck query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is actually really impressed by this one, as we literally didn’t remember where the marriage license was until we hadda dig it up for the passport office, asking: What is the most fortuitous fluke of all in your life?


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  1. Different kind of fluke, but… How I met my late ex (insert cheesy sitcom music).

    Boiled down to basics: Drunk guy at bowling alley is being rude to women, one girl tells her friend and friend asks who is doing it. Girl points at guy, her friend thinks she is pointing at the guy at the table between them and rude guy (the guy at the table would be me, hi!). Friend punches unsuspecting guy who was just reading comics, feels bad when the misunderstanding is explained and invites guy over to eat pizza as apology, eventually asking guy on pity date that somehow becomes a real date.

    If not for that tiny little misunderstanding, I may not have met and had a few short years with the most wonderful woman I’ve ever known (she wasn’t really violent, just very protective of her friends) before she was taken from us.

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