Alien.  Swordsman.  Papa Smurf.  When it comes to performing, there aren’t many who can hold  a candle to Mandy Patinkin.  Of course, I’m probably biased because I watched ‘Wish I Was Here’ for the tenth or eleventh time last night, and I always tear up a little bit at that movie (and especially that character and his end.)  Then again, the only Mandy joint I haven’t enjoyed incessantly is ‘Homeland’, ’cause I don’t have that channel, but if they ever put out a DVD collection of ‘Dead Like Me’, I’ll be…  Well, not first in line.  But I’ll be thrilled to pick it up at some point, probably on eBay or something, leading to today’s falsetto query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) actually used to get paid to watch Chicago Hope, back in the day, which almost made up for having to watch ‘Walker: Texas Ranger’, asking: Who’s your favorite “no matter what they’re in, I watch” performer like Mandy Patinkin?


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  1. Probably no one. I never really was a kind of guy who follows what certain actors are doing and all that stuff. If I’d have to choose one, let’s say Sylvester Stallone. At least I’m still interested every time I hear he’s doing something new. All other possible candidates, like Toshiro Mifune are dead and I’ve already seen everything they have been in.

  2. Nathan Lane and Johnny Depp (don’t you judge me!). Nathan Lane doesn’t get a ton of movie roles, but he is always so brilliant when he does that you have to jump on the chance to watch him – even if it’s an animated role and just his voice (could there be a better voice for Timon? I think not).
    And, Johnny Depp, that crazy weirdo. But, as weird as he is, I just have to admit, he may be one of the best character actors that I’ve ever seen. Many times, when someone plays a role, it is that person in that role and they act it exactly like they act every other role – changing the character to fit their persona. Johnny Depp changes himself to be the character, so you can watch three of his movies back to back and never realize it’s the same actor. I appreciate that and enjoy watching his movies for it. Yep, he’s had some movies that just tanked, but, well, “Art” right?

  3. I don’t really blindly follow any actors (even actors I love have made some pretty terrible movies or TV shows), but the closest would probably be Jackie Chan. I’m always intrigued when he’s in something, even if I find the premise ridiculous I’ll at least give it a watch (like the “Shanghai Noon” movies, really don’t care for those).

  4. Somehow I keep watching all the Christopher Lloyd movies and shows. Everything from Taxi to Amazing Stories to Star Trek III.

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