So, today’s MS-QOTD is a weird one for me, as I believe there is an unequivocally right answer: Storm.  But, your humble MS-QOTD admits that my position isn’t the only correct one, and I’m really interested in seeing what the rest of you might think.  Is the Best of X embodied by the immortal soldier with the funny hair?  The penitent one who looks like a devil but prays like a saint?  The steely Russian whose strength is matched only by his stubbornness?  Is it Maggott?  The options are darn-near endless running the gamut from Angel to Ziggy, with stops along the way at The Mimic, Northstar and a brief layover at Gambit, leading to today’s genetically augmented query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “Zay-vee-er”, not “EX-ay-vee-er”) will accept, for the purposes of this MS-QOTD members of X-Force, X-Factor, X-Statix, X-Position and other associate mutant teams, asking: Which X-Man constitutes the BEST of X?


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  1. Of proper X-Men comic characters, I’m torn between Nightcrawler and Beast. I find both to be compelling, complex characters that in the hands of the right writers are simply amazing.

    In terms of X-Men affiliated characters, I’m going with Lockheed because alien dragons are awesome. Really not much deeper than that.

    In the expanded X-Men stories of other media, I’m torn between the 90’s animated X-Men version of Morph (despite the fact he only appears in something like four episodes) and the X-Men: Evolution version of Nightcrawler.

    • As the first true “junior class” x-man I would definitely agree with Kitty as the Sould of the X-men.

      Sam Guthrie also, as his heart and empathy were what drove his character with a sense of duty.

  2. To me, Cyclops. He’s pretty much the most important X-character and when you think about it, he’s just a regular guy, apart from eye beams and still manages to command respect and handle himself in the middle of planet threatening events and people. He also doesn’t take crap from anyone, be it Magneto, some alien empire or the Avengers. Good runner ups are: Nightcrawler, Colossus, Kitty & Storm.

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