Today is my wife’s birthday, which as you can imagine, makes the whole Valentine’s Day quandary that much more complex for me.  You have to have a gift for each and they MUST be kept separate, by my own decree.  (Having a birthday in mid-December makes me suspicious of combined Birthday Holiday gifts, thank you.)  I often envy those with August birthdays, since that entire month lacks any holidays to steal their b-day thunder, leader to today’s special occasion query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) can’t think of any problems with my birthday being on Arbor Day, as trees make crappy gifts, asking: If you had to have a Birthday Holiday, with which holiday would you prefer to share your celebration?


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  1. I actually have a holiday birthday. My birthday is late November. So, it’s either the day before, the day after, and then there are the dreaded years that it is on Thanksgiving Day itself And it stinks. Not because turkey is my least favorite of the meats and even though my made-from scratch pumpkin pie is a favorite that I don’t even eat any of… Wait, maybe I don’t like those items because, being a turkey baby, my birthday was often forgotten as a kid for all the family hoop-la, or I got a smaller-than-my-siblings-got gift because, as my folks would say, “Christmas is only a month away, you’ll get nicer gifts then.” And, being the week of the family holiday, there is no such thing as a birthday party the week of Thanksgiving. Granted, I’m almost always off work for my birthday, so there’s the silver lining.

    Now, I say all that not with as much resentment as it may seem. At my age, you learn to take things for what they are and besides, I have kids now, so nobody really cares when my birthday is. However, you posed the question and it’s one I can answer, so I thought I would.

    That all being said, I’m going to twist your question to my life and, as a holiday baby already, change the question to: If I could switch birthday’s to a different holiday, would I? And the answer is: You bet I would! I think I’d pick 4th of July, then I could easily celebrate and have fireworks to boot! That’s the kind of holiday that goes beyond just being with your family and still having a great time. It’s a far more relaxed holiday and I imagine the parties at any age would be fun because of the lack of stress on that day. (Says the introvert who abhors large parties)

  2. Well, if I pick the 4th of July, I can pretend the entire country is setting off fireworks in my honor…

    Plus no combined holiday gifts to worry about.

  3. Halloween. With my birthday in early October, I already get plenty of Halloween themed gifts (including cakes decorated with Halloween stuff, like sprinkles in the shapes of skulls or bats, or little Halloween party favor rings as decoration), and I’m pretty happy with it. Plus, it makes it easy to shop for me because I enjoy a lot of those cheap cheesy little seasonal items like figurines, toys and coffee mugs decorated with ghosts or skeletons or other traditional Halloween stuff.

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