After years and years of locking up everything related to a property when adapting it (the reason why The Human Torch was replaced by Herbie The Robot in the 70s Fantastic Four cartoon, and why it was such a big deal to see Robin among the cartoon Teen Titans), DC/Warner Brothers has made the unprecedented decision to have two separate versions of The Flash at the same time.  On the one hand, we have CW TV Barry Allen, who is one of the foremost heroes of his world, almost a Superman figure to Green Arrow’s Batman.  On the other hand, we have Justice League Barry Allen, a hyperactive genius with no social skills and a junior member vibe.  Both are interesting takes on the fastest man alive, we can actually discuss the merits of Flash Vs Flash, leading to today’s Speed Force-connected query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is a major fan of the universe built out of the interconnected CW properties, so my opinions is probably obvious, asking: Flash Vs Flash: Do you prefer the TV Barry Allen or the Justice League film version?


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  1. Haven’t seen the JL movie, only really saw his cameo in one film and clips from JL, so I don’t have any strong attachment to the film version in terms of his personality or anything yet. But I do like his costume just a smidge more than the TV version. I do like the TV costume, but the film costume has this uniqueness to it while still retaining that instant recognition. I’m honestly a little surprised because I haven’t been too crazy about most of the other DC film costumes aside from Wonder Woman.

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