The truly impressive part about the Batmobile is that, since 1939, there’s always a new Batmobile.  From it’s original incarnation as a little red roadster in Batman’s very first appearance to the massive knife-nosed 40s sedan to the armored mess that Ben Afflack drives, the Dark Knight’s signature vehicle is always in a state of flux.  Perhaps the most recognizable version (from the 1966 TV show) was actually cobbled together out of an abandoned concept car that never entered production, the Lincoln Futura, and kept that vehicles atomic-age bubble top and fins, leading us to today’s bat-o-motive query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is utterly enamored of the swingin’ 70s Trans-Am version from ‘Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77’ miniseries, asking: You’ve been tasked with creating a new Batmobile: What vehicle will you use as your base to create the design?


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  1. A 1990 Lamborghini LM002. It is somewhat like a Hummer, but not quite. It keeps the Batmobile looking more like a street vehicle than a tank (it is the Bat-MOBILE after all, not the Bat-TANK). Finish it up with a little flair of the 1940’s style Batmobile and the “Batman: The Animated Series” Batmobile.

  2. I’d take a cue from the massive knife-nosed 40s sedan and the 60’s batmobile

    Bugatti Chiron add a few more fins to make it bat like, give it the knife nose and make it amour-ed by guys Armormax

    Hide some gadgets inside and it’s batmobile for today.

    It will be as fast as a race car while being able to deal with guys with guns

    and it only costs about 3-4 million to do this (so chump change for bruce)

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