I have a friend, who shall remain nameless (called Jason), who loves The Scarlet Spider and Kyle Rayner and the much-maligned comics that were all the rage when he started reading comics in the 1990s.  The stories that others mock, the Clone Sagas, the Emerald Twilights, the Death Of Supermans are his bread and butter and he will not accept the common knowledge that they weren’t the coolest ever.  And he’s right!  At least, he’s right inasmuch as none of these silly opinions are ever wrong, merely different takes, and frankly, the common knowledge of comics isn’t anything I agree with, either.  Spider-Man doesn’t have to be a loser schlub, Superman doesn’t have to be boring, Batman doesn’t have to be infallible and The Legion doesn’t have to be impenetrable future nonsense, leading us to today’s uncommon query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would also submit that James T. Kirk’s willingness to go outside the rules and regulations of Starfleet doesn’t mean that he NEVER follows rules, a misconception which damages the Abrams ‘Trek’ for me, asking: What bit of pop culture “common knowledge” do you most vehemently disagree with?


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  1. That you can’t like both Star Trek and Star Wars. It seems like such a ridiculous notion since both franchises are so vastly different, with the only real commonality being that both involves general sci-fi mainstays such as aliens and spaceships. The core of each franchise is as different as apples and killer whales.

    If someone likes one and not the other, that is perfectly fine, but when someone says you can ONLY like one or the other, I just can’t agree with that. This also extends to other things like being a fan of Marvel or DC, of game and movie genres, of certain snacks or restaurant chains and so on.

  2. Superman is boring. He’s a good guy who always does the right thing and somehow its now boring. Actually, he’s not written that way in twenty years, yet I wish he was. Since Frank Miller and godawful Image Bloodkill Deathslaughters fad, its been “cool” to be brooding, self-centered sociopath. Superman, like he used to be written would be an unique and the most interesting high profile character in comics, All-Star Superman proves it.

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