Here at Major Spoilers, we have a Friday afternoon tradition in ‘Finally Friday’, where Stephen. friends and Spoilerites hand out and discuss the week that was.  (Sadly, I work til 4 every day, and as such am seldom available.)  But I do have my own Friday rituals:  The family will often sit down and play ‘Diablo III’ in co-op mode, known by Widget as “TeamSmash.”  I will also be backing up my superhero images to my laptop and, most times, we get take-out food.  Friday is payday, after all.  Of course, everyone has their own ritual, leading to today’s Rebecca Blackened query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) used to go to Camp Crystal Lake, until the terrible thing that happened to Kevin Bacon, asking: What are your Friday rituals?


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  1. There isn’t much of one here. It alternates week to week, but we usually order pizza, Chinese or pasta (not always in that order, but those are the three main orders) and watch a couple movies. Nothing super exciting, but still fun and relaxing.

  2. After I get home from work: Eat, watch movie/TV shows/play video game/read comics and have a few drinks. Then close to midnight, Finally Friday.

  3. Friday’s usually a late work night for my wife, so it’s my evening to catch up on the week’s TV or a vidja game while the laundry washes.

  4. In college, a friend and I used to grab a schlotzsky’s sandwich, then go to the local ‘computer center’ to play computer games on the remote consoles of the university’s mainframe. This was in the dark ages before PCs.

  5. I have a Friday playlist on my ipod of all the songs that celebrate making through another work week! Most are loud and fast and I play them far too loud I’m sure, but it’s my end of week release.

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