In that proverbial Galaxy far, far away, a life of a Jedi seems to always be an exciting one: Slashing things with your lightsaber, fighting your dad, son, or old Nemesis all the time,saving idiot farm boys find hives of scum and villainy…  There are nigh-infinite examples, especially if you take into account expanded universe material.  But, said life is also pretty awful, what with the whole living in caves or on remote rocky atolls, your orders 66 and the denial of yourself and your love and family.  Also, scratchy robes.  The real question of Star Wars is not “Will the Force be with me?” but “Would I even want the Force to be with me in the first place, if it brings such tsuris?”, leading to today’s long long ago query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wouldn’t mind telekinesis, but is quite attached to my hands, asking: Do you feel it would be worth it to become a Jedi?


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  1. Force sensitive, sure. Jedi training, why not? But I wouldn’t want to be an actual Jedi, never have wanted it (except in Star Wars games). I would rather just be a non-Force sensitive Mandalorian or smuggler. Maybe a pirate (because space pirates are awesome). I could still have a lightsaber either way, plenty of non-Jedi and non-Sith have had lightsabers in the various “Legends” and canon expanded universe, and even the cyborg Grievous had a few from Jedi he defeated.

    Sith, on the other hand… Bring on my red lightsaber and Force Lightning!

  2. In a word: no.

    In many words: Once you’re a Jedi, unless you’re one of those rare exceptions (whose names more often than not end in Skywalker), you’re forced into a world of absolutes. Either you throw yourself fully into an impeccably moral lifestyle, or you risk becoming a baby-eating moustache-twirler within a year. Me? I’ll take True Neutral normalcy

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