Here at Stately Spoilers Manor East, we greeted the big holiday with the first meaningful snow of the year.  Being snowed-in makes the usual going-to-the-airport-on-the-holiday annoying, but it does make it fun to lock ourselves in the house, play games and watch the television we might have missed, leading to today’s frozen-over query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) should mention we already watched ‘Die-Hard’, ‘Rent’ and the Doctor Who Chrimmus special, asking: What favorite game or media should I introduce to my kid while snowed-in?


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  1. Couple of Netflix suggestions.

    Have you watched the current Voltron series? I know you two like the occasional Super Sentai viewing, and it fits in the same broad genre of heroes piloting giant combining mecha, but has quite a different feel to it. I’m honestly still surprised how much I have enjoyed it considering I have hated almost every other continuation or reboot of Voltron after the classic version.

    Also, the series “Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light” is surprisingly entertaining for a soap opera, and aside from one or two mildly “adult” jokes, is pretty family friendly. The series involves a grown son, who plays FFXIV, buying a PS4 and the game for his dad and attempting to reconnect with him through the game without actually telling him that he is the one playing the game with him. About 2/3 of the show is in the real world, dealing with the family or their individual lives, the other bit takes place as they play the game. It is subtitled, but I figure with the Super Sentai thing that isn’t a big issue.

  2. As an experiment, I wanna know if Transformers The Movie holds up with its 80’s nostalgia and same aesthetic new retro wave things go for or feels like cheesiest ever. I think it does, but I’m disqualified to judge.

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