As someone who watches all the CW/DC superhero shows except ‘Arrow’, I was quite amused to find (thanks to the superlative ‘Crisis On Earth-X’ crossover) that Oliver is in the process of mentoring another Black Canary.  If my count is correct, including doppelgangers, this will be the sixth attempt, and not one of them has worn a comic-accurate costume.  There’s a reason for that, as going into action in wearing a bustier/leotard/bolero jacket/fishnets combo is great when you’re drawn by George Perez; not so much when you’re a real woman trying to do stunt work.  Dinah’s sky-high heeled corsair boots are likewise never gonna work in live-action, but here’s hoping that this latest Canary doesn’t get murdered to fuel Green Arrow’s manly rage again, leading to today’s impractical query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is reminded of the various and sundry dodges necessary to make Douglas Adams’ one-off joke that Zaphod has three arms and two heads work, asking: What beloved text or comic-book character simply won’t work in live-action without major changes?


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  1. Hard to say since we do see some work better in film than on TV. Adrianne Palicki’s Wonder Woman, even without actually airing, looked far far worse than Gal Gadot’s. Speaking of which, I don’t think anyone is surprised Mockingbird’s traditional look never made it to Agents of SHIELD.

    I think the big answer is Wolverine. Unless a new MCU version somehow manages to pull off the yellow and blue (or the brown, I guess), I don’t think we’ll ever see it except in deleted scenes and in jokes.

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