In this episode of The Legion Clubhouse, the boys go crazy, and Ultra Boy becomes a space pirate.

In the city of Metropolis, in the 30th Century, there exists one of the most amazing clubs of all time! It’s members are teen-aged youths, each possessing on special super-powers! The club members have vowed to use their fantastic power to battle crime… This rocket shaped building is the Legion Clubhouse!

Adventure Comics #316
The Renegade Super-Hero!
January 1964
w: Edmond Hamilton
a: John Forte
While going through criminal records for one of their current missions, the Legion comes across a record identifying their own member Ultra-Boy as an escaped criminal. Learning that it’s true, the Legion puts it to a vote and Ultra-Boy is expelled from the Legion. Enraged that he’s been expelled, Ultra-Boy tells the Legion that he will now work against them, and flees the planet to escape from them.

The Legion tries to take in Ultra-Boy for his crimes, but each time they track him down, Ultra-Boy is able to evade capture. While fleeing the Legion, Ultra-Boy aids a number of humans who have had their minds placed into alien creatures before resuming his escape from the Legion. When hiding out on the phantom planet, Phantom Girl manages to track him down and warn him of the Legion’s impending arrival, and they are captured by the aliens responsible for the rash of crimes that the Legion was investigating before going after Ultra-Boy.

The aliens, having heard of Ultra-Boy’s expulsion from the Legion’s ranks offer him a chance to join them, and Ultra-Boy aids them in incapacitating the Legion. However, Ultra-Boy suddenly turns on his alien benefactors and captures them and frees the Legion. Ultra-Boy and Cosmic Boy then reveal that the entire episode was a ruse, where they planted evidence making it appear as though Ultra-Boy was a hunted criminal to lure out the real criminals. With the culprits caught, the Legion reinstate Ultra-Boy as one of their members. – via DC Wikia

Adventure Comics #317
The Menace of Dream Girl!
February 1964
w: Edmond Hamilton
a: John Forte
While the Legion of Super-Heroes attempts to figure out what the Time Trapper is up too, they find opposition in the way of a barrier protecting the future era in which he resides, keeping the Legion from monitoring his activities.

In the meantime, the Legion induct a new member, Dream Girl, who is voted in because all of the male members of the Legion become instantly attracted to her and vote her into the Legion. Things start to get suspicious, as Dream Girl ends up entrapping various Legion members on disciplinary actions, leading to their temporary suspension from the Legion.

After taking Ultra-Boy, Bouncing Boy, Shrinking Violet, Lightning Lad, and Lightning Lass to an alien world which causes them to de-age into infants (except for Dream Girl who took a preventative antidote) most of the Legion is on suspension.

However, Dream Girl later reveals to Star Boy, that her power is to see the future through dreams, and the reason she has manipulated events is because she forsaw the Legion being killed in a rocket explosion, and that she did everything she could to prevent the Legion members from dieing. Star Boy then reveals to Dream Girl that what she saw was really a planned rocket flight with robot doubles of the Legion. Afterwards, all is explained and Dream Girl decides to leave the Legion to hone her powers, but not before seeing the other Legion members — restored to their natural ages — and learning that the episode gave Lightning Lass new powers over density, Dream Girl rechristens her Light Lass. – via DC Wikia

Originally introduced in 1958, the Legion of Super-Heroes is a team of super-powered teenagers from the disparate worlds of the 30th century’s United Planets. Each hero had his or her own powers, unique to their planets of origin; together, they stood against evil across the galaxy. Together with 20th century hero Superboy, this team–originally made up of Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy, but soon numbering in the dozens–fought for justice as they dealt with adolescent insecurities.

Collects ADVENTURE COMICS #247, #267, #282, #290, #293, #300-328; ACTION COMICS #267, #276, #287 and #289; SUPERMAN #147; SUPERMAN ANNUAL #4 and SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #72, #76; and SUPERBOY #86, #89, #98 and #117.

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