So, the first issues of ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ are out, and it has become clear that the villain is Batman.  Or rather, a coalition of alternate-universe Batmans from around the globe, each bearing elements of another character; a Flash-type Batman called ‘The Red Death’, a Cyborg-style Batman called ‘The Murder Machine’, etc.  After more than a decade of heroes fighting other heroes, it’s interesting to have them striking out against clearly villainous characters who are (sort of) other heroes anyway.  Indeed, the ‘Everyone Vs Batman’ nature of the tale may not actually be the point (as the ‘Dawnbreaker’ one-shot shows, things are more complicated), leading us to today’s same bat-time, same bat-query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is willing to look at it as a deconstruction of the ‘hero fights hero’ story, but also notes that it’s hard to truly convey that sort of thing, as ‘Civil War II’ proved, asking: Do you like or dislike the idea that ‘Dark Knights: Metal’ seems to have a core premise of ‘Everyone Vs Batman’?


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  1. I dislike pretty much every “alternate evil hero” story. Its just so overused and makes me feel writers can’t come up with any good regular story but everything got to have Batman to boost sales.

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