I’m not a professional actor, so there’s very little chance that I’m ever going to suddenly win an Academy Award.  This is fine by me, though, as I find the strange golden homunculus both disturbing and hideous.  The Emmy award is better, with its strange sharp little wings (perfect for Homer Simpson to attack Peter Griffin with, I mighty add), but for my money, the most beautiful award of them all is the classic Big Gold Belt, used as the World Heavyweight Championship in both World Championship Wrestling and the WWE over the years.  I have a plastic replica that I had been known to wear across my shoulder in call center situations in order to remind people who the real champion was, but if I had one of the real metal ones, I would probably never take the thing off, leading to today’s commemorative query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also finds great beauty in that big gold dinner plate they keep giving Serena Williams at Wimbledon, asking: What’s the most beautiful award of all in your eyes?


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  1. “… but if I had one of the real metal ones, I would probably never take the thing off…”

    I used to have two metal replicas made to nearly the same specifications of the official belts, one WWF and one WCW. The WCW belt was a Tag Team belt, with my best friend owning the other (her mother bought the belts as a symbol of the fact we did everything together and were both huge wrestling fans). The WWF belt was a Christmas present from my older brother and was the Stone Cold Steve Austin variant of the Heavyweight Champion belt. Wish they hadn’t been stolen from me.

    But to answer the question… I’m pretty fond of the Hugo Awards. The awards themselves have always been fairly simple, but there is elegance in their simplicity.

  2. The World Cup (the football ball one) no not the crap modern one but the original Jules Rimet Trophy one stolen and never recovered.

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